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"I want to be like I wasn’t there" // "내가 거기 없었다처럼되고 싶다"

Daehyun Kim Solo Exhibition

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verbumprogram - obrasci (forms, 1976)

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But… as bad as it was, I learned something about myself. That I could go through something like that and survive.

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Trouxas III (Alusivo ao Artur Barrio) / Óleo sobre Tela / 190 x 230 cm / 2013. One of the grotesque and hyper-realist paintings of Brazilian artist Fábio Magalhães.

I was so scared to read the caption to find out it was real but it’s a painting that was stressful but relieving I need to relax

Anonymous said: Happy Birthday you stupid wolf prince fuck.

Thank you, hope you are well.


if outfit repeating was a crime I would be sentenced to life without parole 

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